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Since the first days of establishing, RegularPay has realized fair and affordable pricing because we consider every merchant as our potential long-term partner. We are sure that once you try, you will permanently work with us in the future. That is why RegularPay offers only just pricing for all businesses regardless of their size, experience or type of industry. Do not hesitate to contact us even though you are a start-up without processing history. You will receive our full support and consultation concerning all questions. Our pricing is especially favourable to new businesses, so you will start accepting credit cards very soon with RegularPay.

RegularPay offers various payment solutions for merchants worldwide including credit cards acceptance and other online payment methods. Credit card payment acceptance requires a merchant account and online payment gateway. We can provide you with all the necessary, so you will be able to accept cards without any obstacles.

Our fees are flexible and inviting. We do not use hidden commissions or financial tricks. If we name you our rates, you can be totally sure that it is the lowest possible price which we are able to offer.

The commission depends on business risk, type of industry, monthly volume, number of transactions etc. If your chargeback volume is high, we are always ready to help you to minimize it. E-mail us at support@regularpay.com and become aware how we suggest our merchants staying within 1,5% of chargeback rate.

RegularPay fees for credit cards acceptance on website

  • Merchant Account Setup
  • Monthly Gateway Fee
  • Monthly Statement Fee
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • 3d Secure Fee
  • Per Transaction Fee

Acquiring bank fees

  • Merchant Account Setup
  • Discount Rate
  • Transactions Fee
  • Refund Fee
$0.00 – $200.00*
from 1.9 %**
$0.15 – $0.30*
$0.60 – $2.00*
* Please notice that bank fees can be changed by bank. (Depends on monthly volume, chargeback ratio etc.)
** Discount rate depends on industry of the merchant.

Acquiring bank rates*

* Contact us to know rates for another types of industry.
** Please notice that bank fees can be changed by bank. (Depends on monthly volume, chargeback ratio etc.)

We have solutions for almost all types of high-risk industries. You need to fill in our PreCheck Form and send it to us at applications@regularpay.com. After that, the sales manager will contact you in order to provide you with the best solution for your industry.

You can become our partner and receive special conditions and bonuses in case you have worthwhile suggestions for mutually beneficial cooperation.

We can offer some especially affordable offers for sellers, whose needs are not included in the whole list of payment methods.

We are seriously focused on cooperation, so we have developed a special reward programs for our long-term customers.

Please, make sure that your business is allowed in your country before using our service.

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