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Prepaid card – the Visa or MasterCard card, in order to open it, you don’t need to open also a bank account and also to issue legally purchasing cards. Therefore, it can be arranged not only in the issuing bank, but also in companies that immersed license.
Prepaid card – a tool for every occasion.
You have the opportunity to dispose of the funds you put into your account.
Since buying the prepaid card, you do not need to sign agreement, correspondingly, there is no personal data of a cardholder.

Despite the easy process to obtain the card, cardholder gets the same opportunities as the holder of a standard credit card. Most owners use to pay with it online, as well as in stores. The limits for prepaid cards are set by the bank or company that issued it.

How to buy a card?

Prepaid cards

In order to get a prepaid card, you need to contact RegularPay company, get to know the card’s limits, order a card and deposit it. There is no need in providing documents.

The ability to issue cards from payment systems such as Visa / MasterCard is available for banks and licensed companies like RegularPay.
Agency, that is allowed to issue cards has a right to set restrictions on services and limits, acting on behalf of legislative basis.

There is no risk to get into debt, because the card does not have a credit limit. Once the transfer is made and the money are transferred to the card, you can use the card, paying non-cash payments for goods and services within the limit on the card, as well as withdraw cash.

The prepaid card can be virtual. In this situation, you have no cards in hand, and only the card number, a link to the online banking, login and password to enter the personal cabinet.
The virtual card is different from the plastic with it’s servicing fees, they are lower, and with the fact that you can not withdraw cash, you can pay in the online shops.


Chief features of RegularPay payment solution

Fair pricing

You will not ever find any slippery formulations or hidden fees in the terms of our payment solutions.

Easy and fast integration

Full support on every stage of integration makes the whole process quick and smooth.

Timely payouts

Be sure that you will receive your money exactly on time without any delays from our side.

PCI DSS Level 1

The highest security level excludes even a hint of unauthorized actions or other fraudulent activity. Payments are processed securely with RegularPay.

Advanced back-office

Armed with multitude of useful features you will be able to put your business on previously unimaginable heights.

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