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For your convenience all questions are divided into different parts. Each part contains common questions of the same subject making navigation simple and convenient. In case you have a question that is not mentioned here, please contact us and our support team will gladly help you.

General inquiries

What kind of services do you provide?

There is nothing more important for your online business than reliable and secure link between payers and the bank. For more than 8 years RegularPay has been providing different businesses with secure and easy payment gateway. Close partnership with a number of European acquiring banks gives RegularPay the possibility of cooperation with merchants working in either high- and low-risk industries. Recently founded startups without processing history are now able to become a partner of European acquiring bank with all positive consequences. For experienced merchants we have an individual tailor-made solutions according to their type of business.

How can I start?

First of all you can start by signing up for a RegularPay account and filling the pre-check form. We have a plenty of different payment solutions with different conditions, but as more precise and exhaustive your business details are, as more optimal pricing and condition you will receive.

What cards can be processed by RegularPay?

We are able to give you the possibility to accept cards bearing Visa, MasterCard logos as well as other major credit card payments. Contact us to know the full list of accepted credit cards.

What is registration for?

Merchants are able to register on our website and have an access to cabinet. When integration is done, merchant obtains completely functional cabinet with advanced tools and report system. Before that the most of options are unavailable.

Does the merchant need to be based in Europe?

For applying to RegularPay payment solution you can have a company elsewhere. Contact us to find out what is our solution for your industry and country.

Financial inquiries

What is the price for my business?

RegularPay works with multitude of different industries and each has own features. RegularPay pricing attitude is the most friendly in the market as our prices are fair and transparent. Contact us to learn more about pricing.

How do I handle refunds?

Refund is made in case of order cancellation and there are various reasons why customers may wish to return merchandise or service. A refund can be for any purpose, like defectiveness of goods, mistaken purchase of the unsuitable product or personal dissatisfaction. But regardless the reason of initiated refund, it is always between the merchant and its customer. To process a refund, you may follow several easy steps. You login to your merchant account, click on the transaction you wish to be refunded and just use the Refund button.

How often are payouts made?

Payments are released weekly with some time in arrears as a standard. The payouts can be made by bank transfer to one of your accounts in any country you wish. Contact us to learn more about payouts in the terms of RegularPay payment solution.

What is a chargeback and how to avoid it?

Chargeback is the reversal of funds to a customer forcibly initiated by the issuing bank which can be very costly. The most widespread reasons for chargebacks are returned goods, terminated services, disputes, mistakes or fraudulent activities. However, merchants can minimize chargebacks by ensuring customer satisfaction and transaction reliability, publishing his returns policy and providing a high level of support on his website.

What is rolling reserve?

Rolling reserve is some percentage of a merchant’s funds that is held by the merchant account provider as security for future contingencies, including chargebacks. The standard is 10% rolling reserve for 180 days, which means that there is a portion from every transaction that is held for 6 months, then settled to the merchant. Contact us to learn more about rolling reserve.

Technical inquiries

How long does it take to set up?

Your merchant account application will be checked within 24 hours. As soon as our acquirer considers your application in a positive way and you provide us with all the required documents you will be able to accept credit card payments on your website. It typically takes up 2 days.

Where payment page is actually situated? I want customers stay on my website.

That is okay, we can do it. Own payment page or iFrame might be the option you are looking for. In the terms of it your customers will not be redirected and the payment page appearance is up to you. Please note that Own payment page option requires PCI DSS license. Contact us to learn more about RegularPay integration options.

What is the main difference between direct merchant account and aggregated?

Direct merchant or dedicated merchant account is merchant’ s exclusive and fully controlled account, not shared with other merchants. It is a flexible option with less processing fees which will give you a lot of benefits. To get it the merchant must satisfy all the requirements and provide the full package of documents.

The account in the name of a 3rd party is called third-party or aggregated account. For those, who may have difficulties in obtaining their own account due to the type of business or a poor credit history, aggregated merchant account is the best alternative. In this case a large bank account is created and the merchants funds are processed and then dispersed to the individual merchants. It can be risky because there are other companies on the same account with you. The advantage of this type of account is that the acquirers have less strict acceptance criteria and it is relatively easy to get it.

How does RegularPay prevent fraud?

RegularPay provides safe and relevant payment services by implementing a mix of standards, rules and approaches. We are constantly doing our best to improve our anti-fraud system. This is achieved by the inclusion of a self-learning system of mathematical models, continuous improvement of the software and our professional analysts, availability of large and static database of successful and fraud transactions and may other options.

How does online terminal (MOTO) work?

MOTO (Mail order/telephone order) is an online card payment authorization which allows the merchant to accept payments through mail and telephone orders. The customers contact the merchant through mail or phone and tell their credit card data. The merchant enters these details on a special payment page and payment is made. This service can provide the online business owner’s company with quick, easy and secure payment processing. Contact us to learn more about MOTO option.

Does RegularPay support recurring billing?

Recurring payments are the payments made automatically at regular intervals. Here is an example. A customer purchases a membership with a monthly cycle type. The order is set up and recurs every month and the customer’s credit card is automatically charged to process following payments in a fixed schedule. RegularPay supports recurring billing and subscription services.

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7 Main advantages of RegularPay processing

  1. PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant payment gateway with first-rate security level.
  2. Thorough list of safety options including Anti-fraud system, 3-D secure etc.
  3. Easy and prompt integration with our technical solution.
  4. Full support on every step of integration.
  5. Large network of trusted acquiring banks and partners.
  6. Wide list of processing and settlement currencies.
  7. Extremely inviting pricing for merchants and resellers.
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