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RegularPay is the company that successfully helps merchant from numerous types of business with credit card processing. All our clients are different. They have own style of work, however we provide payments solutions for everyone. Regardless of type of industry or size, each company is eager to receive first-rate credit card processing solution on fair conditions with all needful features and extremely high level of reliability. Very important thing is customer service because the best payment solution is solution offered opportunely.

That is why RegularPay credit card processing is multifunctional all-in-one solution merchants are looking for. Our dedicated managers are always ready to offer you the best possible credit card processing and you can be sure that the whole process will pass quickly and smoothly. Your optimal payment solution is closer than you think. The search for better payment solution ends here as more than 50% of our merchants switched to us from other providers. They have already found optimal solution for credit card processing, why don’t you do the same?

Credit card processing chart

Customer makes a purchase at Merchant’s webstore. The transaction information is momentarily transferred to RegularPay servers by force of different payment page features.
The payment data is checked by RegularPay fraud monitoring system and if only there are no suspicious actions it is sent to the trusted acquiring bank. Merchant receives immediate notice about passed transaction. In case our anti-fraud system reveals an unapproved attempt it blacklists this fraudulent user.
Acquiring Bank receives transaction information from our side and makes a request to Issuing Bank via International Payment System (VISA, MasterCard etc.)
Issuing Bank approves or declines the payment and informs both International Payment System and Acquiring Bank about that.
RegularPay receives the Issuing Bank reply with corresponding approval or denial code.
RegularPay processes the reply from Acquiring Bank and notifies Merchant that transaction has passed.
Customer sees an information on the monitor that purchase has been successfully made.

Advantages of RegularPay credit card processing

United together security, convenience and reliability are qualities that form RegularPay credit card processing making it universal for merchants from all around the world. We believe that every client is unique one, which is why our credit card processing solution is flexible enough to meet all merchants’ needs. We strictly adhere to the attitude that our merchants deserve to feel every single day that they are being processed by the best company in the sphere of credit card processing. 5 following advantages clearly show how do we achieve this goal.

Fair pricing

You will not ever find any slippery formulations or hidden fees in the terms of our payment solutions.

Easy and fast integration

Full support on every stage of integration makes the whole process quick and smooth.

Timely payouts

Be sure that you will receive your money exactly on time without any delays from our side.

PCI DSS Level 1

The highest security level excludes even a hint of unauthorized actions or other fraudulent activity. Payments are processed securely with RegularPay.

Access to advanced cabinet

Armed with multitude of useful features you will be able to put your business on previously unimaginable heights.

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