Customer's trail

Do You have an online business? And do You know, what to expect from the Internet users searching for desirable items?
Knowing consumers’ behavior can play a big deal in business strategy. Awareness enables merchants to undertake further decisions in their favor. Aiming to understand how to convert web visitors into paying clients it would be useful to trace consumers trail.

Let’s look from buyer’s perspective

Are You ready for a trip? Imagine an average user, who address the Internet looking for certain item..

Web’s design

The majority of people are visually dependent. The appearance can make people interested or discouraged. Initially people pay attention to web’s design. Customers are sensitive, so once having experienced negative emotions, they are not likely to come back.

Clarity is worth

Consumers tend to deal with issue that is familiar to them. If they have to face with obscure obstacle, something like instruction can help. In this case, video tutorial would be the best way out! Thus, people may see the item or service in action themselves and decide the rate of its convenience to them. Having video explanation, they may visualize the process and clarify whether it is the item, they are looking for. Even without obtaining an order, merchant benefits, as customers will keep a good impression about brand and in future are more likely to turn to the web, they found so useful, for another purchase.

Simplicity is not the least

In fact people are quite lazy or too busy to undertake any extra action. Such their behavior on web is not an exception. Website usability should be on a high level. Simple navigation, understandable ordering process, sufficient description and avoiding registration are the delicious things for customers. Having these points on web, be sure the return will follow.

Saving time

According to people’s nature, besides escaping too much moves, they hate waiting for a long time. Web’s loading speed is responsible for this. It’s inappropriate to have a loading reputation in more than 3 seconds. Otherwise, the web’s image among customers will have inverse relationship.

Payment process inspiring to pay

The simpler transaction process, the better statistics of successful payments. As well as if no security is guaranteed, there are no potential customers. All payment details should be taking into account. Don’t frighten the customers off by inappropriately pursued payment process.

The most risky stage is checkout process

making order

Have abandoned shopping carts? No wonder, as there is so much temptation around.. To get a lower price or more convenient payment conditions. The huge responsibility lies on business strategy and its effectiveness to retain clients. Prudent price setting and carefully considered payment policy and its direct operation are of significant importance.

The more guarantees the better

Internet purchase is well-known to be frightening, because of no availability to examine items personally before ordering. Clients, therefore, like to check returns policy first. What will convince them more, is the hassle-free returns opportunity.

Focus attention upon every client

The order is done, payment is accomplished, but the cooperation with consumer hasn’t been terminated. Customers appreciate feeling of being valuable. Especially, having some questions, that they can’t find on web, clients look to merchants assistance. Customers support should be available day and night. Live chat will coordinate clients in any issue and will leave the inspiration to get back for another purchase.

Positive feedbacks might come in handy

Actually, people often listen to recommendations of their acquaintances and friends. So, having to do a calmly thought-out decision, they will definitely rely on others feedbacks, before undertaking any action on the web. More positive reviews will enhance the audience trust.

Implement playful strategy

Add some piece of play to the business. Launched promotional offers, quizzes, bonus campaigns will boost customers’ interest. Most people secretly like being engaged in somewhat like a game. It makes the prise to be more precious for them and sets emotional connection with company.

Keep pace with the times

Is Your web mobile optimized? If not, You can anticipate three quarters of your visitors to leave. Quick decisions, prompt actions, mobile life, mobile phones.. People are used to keep their smartphones everywhere. The situation requires more flexibility to adapt the business depending on the customers.

Goodies for clients

Make clients happier with providing bonus features. Let them enjoy purchasing process with small gifts in form of coupons, discounts, free shipping or special offers. These goodies are likely to attract much more users.

Keep the regulars satisfied

Already have sustainable client base? Don’t forget to encourage their loyalty. The solution is simple – to implement special programs for customers. According to the statistics, average purchases have become much larger, since the program is launched.

Be environmentally-friendly and social-oriented

And, of course, an important role belongs to company’s social media involvement and its attitude towards the environment. It will be an additional advantage for customers to support environmentally friendly and socially active organizations.

Here is the way customer overcomes while purchasing. Now consumers’ desires have to become more understandable. Numerous reasons for users to buy online and people’s preferences to surf the Net in search of their willings induce merchants to keep sanguine. Company’s further growth depends on entrepreneur’s initiative. Catering to all customers’ wishes turns into merchant’s enjoyment of the business expansion!