How to protect your money
There are many “horror stories” about cases of fraud from the online shops on the Internet. You can find stories about e-shops selling confiscated goods, stealing clients’ money and “forgetting” to ship paid purchases. Such things can happen, but in most cases it is enough to observe some simple rules to make online shopping safe.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the contact information of the store, it must be presented on the website and be complete. The more data about seller is indicated, the less chance that tomorrow he will disappear. E-mail and mobile number are not reliable means of communication in contrast to the legal address and landline phone.

At the same time, one shouldn’t consider every businessman who hides information as a scammer. Often their secrecy can be explained by their reluctance to communicate with the tax service. As a matter of law, they are certainly wrong. But the quality of products is not affected by off-the-book financial schemes. Level of trust to such a store depends on how much the buyer wants to spend there. One thing is when you don’t receive a package of children’s felt-tip pens, and quite another is to risk the plasma panel. In this case, it is better to contact the verified seller.

When you enter the store page, pay your attention to the domain name displayed on the browser bar. Registration of a second-level domain is inexpensive, and if the shopkeeper is greed for several dollars for his business, you should keep in mind it might be risky to deal with him. The same goes for website hosting. A simple check would take not longer than five minutes, but can save a serious amount of money.

In cases when payment is performed via online wallet, it is necessary to check the recipient’s data through the interface of the payment system. Perfect Money, for example, has the merchant’s trust score, also you can check the availability of feedbacks and claims from other counterparties.

Availability of various payment methods may serve an additional proof of seller’s integrity. The major methods of payment in the online store (among which – non-cash transfer, cash on delivery, courier services, etc.) involve detailed information about the store: account numbers, owner registration address, company name – all these info may turn useful if problems arise during the purchase.

Range and pricing of an online store is also great importance for your choice.. Never contact sites represented with only a few products. An electronics store would have no profit trading only a small number and variety of products, as well as for clothing store is not profitable if it sells one sized goods . In addition, unreasonably low prices should alert the buyer. The product that costs 10 000 on the other websites, can not cost three times cheaper, that’s why, if you meet such an offer, think twice before making a purchase.