How to protect your money

Nowadays, setting up a casino is possible in a free gaming zone only. This process is very expensive, so many investors prefer to open online casinos, because they do not require significant investments, and you can set up a virtual casino just within several days. The bulk of gambling activities has already moved to the web space, because this type of business shows higher profitability. So what to begin with?

How to open an online casino

Most of operating online casinos are websites hosted on foreign domains and servers. Using this method you do not violate the laws of your country. For example, it is forbidden to register such resources on Russian domains since January 2007. So commonly such websites are registered in Malta, Curacao, Kahnawake, Costa Rica and other popular jurisdictions.

In order to register your gambling business in offshore zone, you may turn to specialized companies. There are many companies that offer legal consulting services. You will need to conclude an agreement and transfer required amount to a bank account. Our team of professionals is always ready to help with the company opening for your gambling website.

Also, to get started and successfully launch your project, you will need a company incorporated within the EU, and RegularPay will also help you. We work both with projects that have already been launched and with start-ups, so we can help you to find the most advantageous solution, which would help you to conduct your business in the most profitable and simple way.

Structuring of gambling business

Such kind of Internet business as an online casino always attracts many users. In order to set it up, you’ll need to create game slot emulators on your website, that requires a specific software which you should buy. The software is produced by several large companies (Microgaming, NetEnt, Igrosoft) so the good option is to consider them as a provider. The price of software depends on its class. For example, the price of high level programs starts with a million dollars. Such products are purchased only by the largest players in the gambling industry.

It is risky to choose the cheapest software for the website due to the problems it might bring, like it might result in a loss of profit. Before choosing, read the reviews, explore the manufacturers, because the quality software for the gaming website is the basis for its stable and effective work. Keep in mind that a good software is the key to your financial success.

In addition, you will need to install programs to protect from various hacking. Typically, the cost of such software is about 20% of the total cost of software.

Another important point is communication with the clients and efficient dealing with their issues. So you’ll also need to create the customer support and the website administration teams.


The next step is promoting and advertising the online casino to attract new users. You’ll need to invest in promotion and encourage the customers to share positive feedbacks and information about your project.

Budget Planning

Once you you’re clear with the costs of the license, software and marketing services, you’ll need to plan your budget. The best solution for a start-up would be a budget planning for at least one year, while experienced companies should do this for as long as possible.

Managing the online casino is quite challenging. After project launch, it is necessary to ensure constant maintenance of the site, uninterrupted functioning, regular software updating and interaction with users. The process of launching such a project is quite laborious, but RegularPay is forward to assist you in both payment processing and some of the legal issues and facilitate the successful start of your business.