Turkish payment solution

It is well-known, that recently Turkey is experiencing considerable economical growth. Since the Internet and smart-phones have penetrate the market, Turkey has taken a ply towards pursuing innovations. So, it gets more and more financial transactions being conducted over the Internet.

Cross-border financial and goods flows are getting a significant importance for Turkish economy. Its market tends to be of the second scale in Eastern Europe. Rapid and seamless connection among business partners is crucial for the country’s commercial prosper.

On the other hand, Turkey is famous of being a bewildering country concerning international trade. Especially in terms of commerce throughout Internet, it has severe restrictions. For instance, in order to perform on the Turkish market, for IT company it is necessary to have a physical presence in the country plus taxation and other burdens. Besides, to commit processes connected to financial transactions, it is mandatory to obtain licenses from the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Board.

In view of the above, making and receiving payments is becoming trickier. Thousands buyers and sellers are complaining due to numerous obstacles of running business in Turkey. Many processors simply can’t operate within the Turkish boundaries. Merchants are desperately looking for payment processing options, which will satisfy both their and Turkish government requirements.

In spite of everything, way out exists!

turkish market

Turkish buyers and sellers have chance to meet their needs in establishing relations with reliable European banks and acquires, as well as processing virtually any convenient major currency.

RegularPay offers a proper solution for merchants and clients coping with Turkish market!

The company possesses a peculiar processing coverage over the world, including Turkey.

Some tips in favor of why RegularPay

Several advantages could be mentioned, including:

– accepting cards of good reputation (VISA, MasterCard, AmEx and so on): this way the rate of chargebacks decreases and transactions sustainability is guaranteed;

– providing multicurrency processing: such ability enables to participate in international e-commerce without any intricacy;

– 3D Secure protection (verification): merchants can feel safe operating with this service;

– maintaining all technical precautions: this issue aims to allow simple and quick transaction flows;

– wide variety of payment solutions for any kind of business: every merchant will find option according to his industry;

– reasonable rates and conditions: services are supplied by affordable prices;

– additional possibilities: merchants will enjoy some extra opportunities in payment industry, involving payouts and prepaid cards;

– reliable clients support: every confusion is easily solved.

Nowadays Turkish thread affects great number of business activity dealing with this direction. For this reason RegularPay offers to start cooperation. With quick and easy integration merchants are free to discover vast range of possibilities to run business successfully!