The sphere of information services has been developing actively within the recent years due to the activities of professional personal and corporate trainers, consultants and coaches. The need of developing countries for such relevant specialists has been caused by the sufficient difference in local and classic European and American education level, especially in the areas of economics, marketing and management. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the factor of coaching and consulting methods in comparison with the traditional lecture-practical system used in universities. Specialists who have been trained in top universities of the world and have practical experience in large corporations have more success in bringing informative material based on live cases, and therefore the scope of consulting and training is one of the most dynamic in modern e-commerce.

In addition to mentoring, various training methods, online courses, psychological consulting, team building workshops and much more can be attributed to the training niche as a business. At the same time, if these experts can not be a part of business schools or centers of physical and psychological development, then they may have problems with the methods of payment for their services. The fact is that the leading banks specializing in establishing merchant accounts are suspicious to similar activities. The main reasons for this phenomenon:

– imperfection of operation of merchant banks сompliance departments, that prefer not to bother themselves with the development of conflict regulations and refund policy in consulting and training;
– absence of a registered legal entity, on whose behalf coaches and consultants can provide their activities.
– as a consequence of the mentioned a low turnover from the sale of online courses or seminars discourages many processing services.

Meanwhile, experts in e-commerce do not consider the scope of consulting as a high-risk segment, since professional coaches sell their work experience, knowledge and CVs and therefore it becomes pretty easy to check whether a person is competent in a certain field. The knowledge of coaches and speakers is usually confirmed by certificates or diplomas of training centers of various levels. Moreover, this segment is characterized with the fairly low percentage of disputes, charges and returns, and therefore, for example, fitness trainers who had developed methods of restoring physical fitness approved by the medical community and selling such courses online are more likely to receive processing than the brokerage companies.

RegularPay specialists have been interested in the possibility of conducting procedures for consulting for a long time already and therefore developed a payment solution specifically for this niche. We take into account the geographical component and intended for long-term projects of implementation of training, sustainable development, business consulting and various recovery courses, such as fitness programs, nutrition, psychological training and much more. The payment solution supports operation with individuals around the world and allows you to connect a merchant account and integrate processing as quickly as possible to launch a project. In addition, the payment solution API does not require any specialists engagement, so even a layperson can connect and configure it.