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Don’t know what platform for webstore is the best? Check our new article and find the proper one!

Like in motor-car construction, «the engine» is also a vital point in website creation. Page download speed, website productivity and its functionality all together depend on «engine». Apparently, the cost of website development also follows from this issue.

For clarifying the situation we want to notice that under the term «engine» we understand the program solution which allows you to create and manage websites. This article is dedicated exactly to webstores engines.

The another name of «engine» is CMS (Content Management System). Nowadays CMS is the most easiest and convenient tool for website creation and management.
Inasmuch as there are a lot of similar programs, they could be classified in many different ways. For instance, there are free and not free programs.

Free CMS

Such programs like Joomla!, Drupal, OpenCMS, WordPress and many other are free of charge. They are freely distributed and could be used by website owner himself, if he obviously has appropriate skills. Companies which create inexpensive websites, also use them. Let’s take a cursory look upon the most popular programs.


Honestly, not a best option if you want to create complicated portal or webstore. In spite of its popularity, the CMS is mostly convenient for blogs and small websites which provide informational services.

Indeed, WordPress has multitude of patterns and additional modules which help to upgrade your site. However, we have to repeat that for webstore creation it’s better to choose more universal CMS. Especially when there are plenty to choose.


One of the most popular free engines for website creation. It is little bit more complicated than WordPress, but provides much more possibilities for developers. Hence, it better fits future demands of website owners.

There are many special modules for Joomla! including webstore module, which gives possibility to create extremely complicated site. In the same time, opportunity for experimentation with design allows to highlight your website among others.


Not bad CMS, but like in case with WordPress, it is quite inappropriate for webstore creation. It is more complicated and serves better for creation multi-user blogs, forums, encyclopedias and community websites. If you want to eventually receive website which corresponds to all your technical demands, you will have to adjust the structure of future project. This process will definitely be long and laborious. That’s why we advise to use another CMS for those who want to create a webstore quickly and without extra exertions.


PrestaShop is a free, open source eCommerce platform that delivers a wide variety of features such as the full control of your inventory, orders, shipping and tracking, allowing you to manage your business in real-time. This eCommerce platform has special editing tool for your products and the managing of images. Your online store can be customized at any time, accept PayPal payments, and manage customer based subscriptions. PrestaShop can send payments directly to your bank account, or your PayPal account.

So what is the main disadvantage of free developments? Firstly, you have obtained the system which is free of charge. In case there are some mistakes in the system, you can’t complain because there are no guarantees from developer’s side. Problems could be inside the system itself, but you’ve got it for free. Moreover, there could be failures when site traffic reaches some high point of attendance, which is absolutely inadmissible for a webstore or some kinds of «wholes» in scripts could happen etc.

Secondly, such paid CMS like Shop-Script and other are developing much more faster because they are commercial projects, whereas free systems can remain the same for a long time. Nevertheless, there are some webstores which are functioning quite well using free software.

Paid CMS

The leading CMSs are universal, because using them you are able to create either business card site or complicated portal including full-scale webstore. Generally, paid systems have several different versions which differ from one another by price and functionality. For creating simple informational site it is enough to use the easiest version, whereas webstore, for example, needs more complex solution.

Business Catalyst

Business Catalyst allows you to build typical eCommerce websites that range from small to medium sizes. Once you sign up, you will get a hosted eCommerce application that provides you with a dedicated content management system that has the power to jumpstart blogs, shopping carts, and forums. You will also be greeted with easy to understand analytics that let you track website visits and customer activity.

The user interface is simple and concise. Business Catalyst not only helps to build your online store, but it manages it as well. BC is a full-featured hosted application that offers great support over the phone, email, or live chat.


Magento is classified as an open source eCommerce platform that eases the flow between design and online sales. Magento is one of the fastest growing eCommerce solutions in the market, and with their long list of features it is not hard to see why. Magento likes to outsmart other content management systems for eCommerce by providing excellent options to grow your site.

Magento is a very flexible eCommerce platform that lets you manage multiple websites, integrate Google Website Optimizer and over 50 payment gateways.


OpenCart’s admin area has a well designed user interface that simplifies the process of tweaking your site. When you first begin using this eCommerce platform you are given a customizable layout that gives your products an adequate amount of “breathing room”. OpenCart lets you take full control of your shipping features and the ability to take coupons. You can use coupon codes for your existing customers as incentives.

OpenCart is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that are looking for flexibility and the power of useful tools at their fingertips.

Above-mentioned software solutions allow you to create a webstore and afterwards to manage it, but webstore is not finished yet. You have to take few more steps making your webstore full-blown. We are talking about design, layout, programming and system adjusting. Of course, your «engine» has to be tested after all.
Taking into account that recently interest in eCommerce has increased, some ready-made solutions have been appeared too.

By purchasing them you receive already finished site with definite assortment of modules which are required for webstore working. There could be different functionality of each site but there is obligatory minimum: product catalogue, shopping cart, type of order and feedback. The cost of such sites is obviously cheaper.

You can also rent a completed website, i.e. purchase a website for definite time. When the time is expired you either extend the license or lose your site. We can name solutions from companies like Insales and Storeland as ready-to-use webstores. Convenience of such webstore «engines» is that you save considerable amount of money on development time and cost, because in this case there is no individual labour of numerous specialists.

Software product has been once created and is simply distributed for those who wish. As a rule, all similar systems have their showcases to allow you to estimate simplicity and easiness of working, to see how your possible webstore looks like etc. This is very convenient and unattainable for individual approach.

If you want to be competent owner of your webstore we recommend you to choose solutions which allow you to purchase completed website. What negative moments are waiting for you in this case? First, the design is not individual. Usually ready-to-use solutions have just a few patterns without possibility to go beyond. Second, if you are not satisfied with the work of any module or you want to install additional tool, most likely you have to be ready that your inquiry will be denied because this ready-to-made solution doesn’t imply changes.

It’s like if you ask Microsoft to create new feature in Windows especially for you. In the same time products are constantly updating, and probably the required feature will soonly be implemented. Information about updates is published at official websites, blogs and social network accounts, so stay in touch with the latest news.

Finally, it is worthy to choose website engine due to tasks, website functionality, your budget and your own preferences. Surely there is no an ideal solution, so each case has to be considered according to future website volume, probable difficulties and obstacles which could happen using this or that system. We wish you good luck in choosing appropriate engine for your website.

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