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payment processor

Processing Center is a technological platform that assists in processing of online payments, made by card. The center’s main purpose consists of providing the opportunity of accepting online transactions. In addition, it acts as a link between e-shop and acquiring bank, on the account of which the funds are transferred.

Payment processing (internet acquiring) via plastic cards is an operation of conducting the transfer on web-site, resulting in funds, payed by clients, being received by merchant through the payment gateway. In modern world processing service for Internet business are becoming of the highest importance, as customers, who make purchases online and commit payments through web, are growing in number.

In order to ensure reliable payment carry out in the Internet processing center manages and controls the funds flow between banks’ system, merchants and customers. Processing center’s services are the optimal way to accept payments online. They allow to save time and energy, which could be used in business development. Applying to the payment system of processing center you enhance the ability to increase revenue and to expand clients’ base.

RegularPay company will assist to guarantee the security of financial aspect by providing processing services and supporting merchant’s account opening. One more benefit of cooperation is the availability of bank systems wide range, that in its turn enhances certainly the position of merchant’s web-site and encourages its likability by clients. Besides, by using internet acquiring with RegularPay you could attract more foreign consumers, as they will have an opportunity to shop within your web. Due to processing service activity funds go directly to merchant’s account and his disposal.

So, no doubt, in today’s innovative world processing services are becoming extremely relevant. With RegularPay support you can discover new perspectives easily and meet your clients needs, facilitating the process of purchasing and protecting private data.

That’s why for the making choice of processing, it is necessary to be aware of it’s working mechanism. RegularPay operating scheme can be reviewed below:

Credit card processing chart

Customer makes a purchase at Merchant’s webstore. The transaction information is momentarily transferred to RegularPay servers by force of different payment page features.
The payment data is checked by RegularPay fraud monitoring system and if only there are no suspicious actions it is sent to the trusted acquiring bank. Merchant receives immediate notice about passed transaction. In case our anti-fraud system reveals an unapproved attempt it blacklists this fraudulent user.
Acquiring Bank receives transaction information from our side and makes a request to Issuing Bank via International Payment System (VISA, MasterCard etc.)
Issuing Bank approves or declines the payment and informs both International Payment System and Acquiring Bank about that.
RegularPay receives the Issuing Bank reply with corresponding approval or denial code.
RegularPay processes the reply from Acquiring Bank and notifies Merchant that transaction has passed.
Customer sees an information on the monitor that purchase has been successfully made.

Services tariffs

We follow the most comfortable for clients price policy, that permits to suggest better conditions, than other processing companies. If you have already been using the services of accepting credit cards, you can expect more beneficial tariffs, than you have now. Contact us, to discuss prices and to find the appropriate solution for your business at the lowest cost!

    • Price starts with 1,90%;

We closely monitor market prices within internet acquiring industry, so, we can say for sure, that our tariffs are the lowest among reputable processing companies.

    • No integration cost;

It is quite important item for merchants, as it allows to activate payments accepting quickly and without additional expenditures.

    • No monthly fees;

We allow our clients to run their business in the most favorable conditions, thus we don’t charge additional fee, as others do. Compare our conditions with others and you will realize, that RegularPay price policy is the most optimal.

Accepting credit cards you will never keep pace with advanced technologies and will experience to the full extend all conveniences of processing services. Advantages of such choice would be felt immediately. Several processing effects for business could be mentioned:

Firstly, profit will raise significantly. By committing payments through credit cards customers could make more impetuous purchases.

Secondly, the position and level of merchant’s company increase. Thus, new perspectives to run business abroad will be revealed before entrepreneur. Customers become more favorable towards merchant, owing the access to diverse payment methods.

In addition, the Internet business gains more competitiveness and enhances its positions at the market. One more benefit is online transfers reliability. By carrying out transactions on web-site processing centers ensure payments security and prevent various fraudulent attacks.

It also should be emphasized on the operation convenience. Clients can make shopping in any time and any place.

Moreover, processing center represents an automated system. With its assistance fund flows could be monitored in real time. Furthermore, processing companies are accountable for transactions data collecting and analyzing.

By cooperating with well-known European banks RegularPay company is a reliable partner in internet acquiring industry, with which your business will obtain stable market position and high sales level. All in all, with our processing services you will enjoy new development perspectives.

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Additional values

  1. Possibility to make payouts on clients’ cards;
  2. Qualified customer support;
  3. Wide network of trustworthy acquirers;
  4. Reliable and safe payment gateway;
  5. Advanced fraud protection system;
  6. Big list of processing currencies;
  7. Fair rates.
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