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Step by step description of actions required for webstore opening.

It is quite easy to open a webstore. Depending on production volume and your wishes, it needs up to 2-3 days to create a webstore what means to become acquainted with software and to prepare for the opening. So what you have to do to open a webstore?

It seems that you have already decided what are you going to sell, and you imagine what is a webstore itself. For example, you have once ordered something in the Internet. This article is about technical part of running a webstore.

Contrive the name of domain

If you still does not have a site where you are going to open a webstore, you need to contrive the name of domain. Its structure is like www.your_domain.com. A domain name can be a part of any zone: .com, .net, .org etc. Choose the beautiful name for your webstore! You can register it using special hosting services.

Open a webstore: scripts or webservice

The most noticeable step is a webstore launching. Different sofware providers offer two options of webstore opening. You can either buy scripts and install them onto your hosting, or lease them and start to work after registration on provider’s website. Both options eventually do the same. They allow to open a webstore. Just choose the best variant for you.

– Scripts. Among advantages of scripts is the fact that your webstore completely works on your equipment (webserver) and you have full access to your data which means you are able to transfer scripts from one hosting to another. Nevertheless this option is more complicated, because for webstore opening you need to buy a hosting and install scripts.

– Lease. You just need to pass the registration. It is as simple as, for example, to create an account in social network or e-mail box. You immediately obtain a webstore and it is the main advantage. You do not need to worry about technical issues concerning product or software installation. However you do not have access to initial PHP-scipts code and FTP-access, which is not a crucial point if you are not going to reprogram product to your own style.

If you are going to launch your first webstore, we recommend you to choose a lease-option, because it allows you to open a webstore very quickly and with low costs. Hence you will be able to start working on important and long-term tasks, such as organization of sales system, advertising etc. You will be able to change lease for scipts in the future as soon as you wish.

Add products

Add some merchandise which you are going to sell. You can do this using your web-browser or import goods from CSV-file.

Pay close attention to your products photos, because colourful and precise imagination of your goods helps you to sell them. Availability of introductory video on the pages with products description will be also beneficial.

Set your shop-window

Choose one of the available styles of design for your shop-window and adjust its appearance to your preferences. Change the name, add contacts, invent a logo.

Some people consider stylish and picturesque design as their main goal. They are ready to spend on it a sizeable part of budget. If you want to fascinate a customer it is worthy to do. But in case you want to earn money, it is better to postpone elaboration of original pattern for more late time.

The most important things for your webstore are a good layout, readable names of products with right description and its photos, and user-friendly navigation. That is all.

Tell about you and your webstore! Publish such information on special page of your store. It is quite a simple moment yet many people neglect it. You should not be like them.

A customer wants to be sure he can contact you. An addition to your e-mail it is worthy to provide different sorts of communication ways, e.g. phone number, legal address, ICQ or Skype ID. It is not a bad idea to publish some photos of your office or if you do not have one, your staff photos. It will be enough for customer to understand that your webstore is real.

Publication of such kind of information does not lead to a flood of customers appeals. To a greater extent this is a question of customers confidence and trust in dealing with a real people who are available for connection.

Set ways of payments and delivery

You are about to finally open your webstore! You have to think over payment acceptance and delivery system, and add corresponding ways of making a purchase.

Usually providers offer a requisite plugin. You can install it by making just one click using your mouse. After installation plugin is available in settings. For start working you need to fill required fields.

Supporting of payment methods and delivery services is a vital point for consideration while choosing an engine for your store. Your webstore launching depends on how quickly and easy it integrates different payment systems (for example electronic payment systems, bank accounts use and so on) and mail services.

You are ready!

Well done! Your webstore is ready to work! As you see, it is relatively easy to technically open a webstore. The main amount of time will be spent on developing and promoting, advertising, delivery supplement and customers inquiries.

You need a lot of enthusiasm and patience! You can not avoid it, because only those earn money who work much. Be ready that orders will not come at once, site indexation by search engines needs some time too. Also there could be unsatisfied customers or you may be facing troubles with delivery etc. But all these obstacles are temporary and if you want to overcome them, you will definitely do it. Gradually work on every point and keep a good pace. Webstore opening is just a very first step of earning money in the Internet!

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