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Here at RegularPay we often meet merchants who are not well-informed about what steps should be done in order to apply for a merchant account. Nowadays there is quite a lot of payment service providers and almost everyone has specific pre-check forms, application forms, documentation packages and other stuff that is not always clear to merchants. By the end of this article you will be completely informed how to economize your time and pass the whole cycle as quickly as possible.

The process of applying for any kind of merchant account can be divided into three parts: the pre-check stage, know-your-customer (KYC) stage and stage of integration. Below you can find detailed description of each stage furnished with pictures for your convenience. The examples were taken from real situations, so take your chance and learn how to avoid all inaccuracies and misunderstandings!

Pre-check stage

RegularPay pre-check form

In case payment provider considers merchant as a possible client, he gives the pre-approval. It doesn’t guarantee that merchant will definitely be accepted, but it is still very good news for both sides. Also it is a good stage to tell merchant preliminary financial conditions. You can be sure that with RegularPay you will know details of your payment solution before proceeding to the stage 2.

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DBA (Doing-business-as) is the name under which your business is presented to the world. It can be different from the contracting company name due to various reasons including franchise, impossibility to register the desired name etc.

Current payment processor means the name of current payment processing. If you use RegularPay payment solution your current gateway’s name is “RegularPay”.

Current acquiring bank means the name of current acquiring bank where you merchant account is placed in.



Average transaction value is simply the average cost of single transaction. If you had $100,000 volume and 10,000 transactions last month, it means that average transaction value was $10.

Monthly processing volume means the gross monthly processing volume. If you are a startup without previous processing history, you may approximately estimate your future volume or indicate a range.

This period begins when merchant contacts payment service provider for the first time. It often happens when merchant visits website, becomes interested in payment solution and wants to know more details. According to the great variety of different online businesses it is absolutely impossible to have a special price chart for every type of business on website, especially taking into account the fact that financial conditions are interrelated with merchant details that are not yet known.

Therefore, processing providers ask merchants to fill in a short document which is called the pre-check form. It contains the most important information to know before proceeding to the stage 2. The main things to know are merchant’s type of industry, website URL and monthly processing volume. Usually it is enough to estimate whether merchant can be accepted by acquiring bank.

Fill online pre-check form and we will reply you with details of the optimal payment solution within an hour!

Know-your-customer stage

When pre-approval is gotten merchant proceeds to KYC-stage. Basically, the information in pre-check form is stated but not yet proven, so acquiring bank needs to be sure that provided information is real. That is why merchant is asked to provide company documents along with some business statements and application forms. Moreover, detailed information allows to understand better the business structure and estimate risk factor. Let’s take a step by step look at parts of usual application package.

RegularPay application form

While filling in the form please take a note that provided information has to be conformed with provided documents. For your convenience every part of RegularPay application form is shown separately with corresponding explanations. Please notice that the information in the form was typed as an example, so all possible resemblance to real persons or companies is completely coincidental. But it may help you to realize how to fill certain fields of the form using the pattern.

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  • Ownership
  • Business
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Company profile
Ownership profile
Business profile


Descriptor is the company name which appears in client’s credit card statement to let him know whom he has paid.

Recurring services are automatically made payments at regular intervals. You can visit our F.A.Q. page to learn more.

Bank & History

In contrast to pre-check form RegularPay application form includes much more fields to fill in to understand better merchant’s inner information including owners’ personal information. This information is only collected according to acquiring bank’s underwriting process and can’t be disclosed. Sometimes companies have quite complicated layout and at the first glance it is not clearly understandable who is an ultimate beneficiar owner (UBO) or how many companies are involved in, so the more precise information is the better.

In demonstrated example there is a New Zealand Forex company, which has a subsidiary in United Kingdom.

Fill online pre-check form and we will reply you with details of the optimal payment solution within an hour!

RegularPay documentation checklist

Document collection may look boring but it is inevitable part of the process. When forms are filled and pre-approval is obtained there comes the question of full approval. Nowaday payment area laws demand very scrupulous attitude towards checking the documents, so by providing genuine and transparent documents merchant first of all helps himself to pass underwriting process and start accepting payments. Taking into account high level of RegularPay service when our account managers help to correctly prepare documentation package, the process becomes easy and you just need to scan your documents and allow us to sort them.

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Documentation checklist


RegularPay MOTO / E-commerce Application Form could be optional depending on each case separately. If it is required to be filled our account managers will send you a sample.

Documentation checklist


Personal Utility Bill is a document that proves owner’s place of residence. It has to coincide with address stated in Application Form and could basically be a bill for electricity, mobile services and so on.

Company and personal owner’s information stated in both pre-check and application forms needs to be checked using provided documents. Also there are certain juridical features according to which acquiring bank can choose the best way of merchant integration.

After successful passing of KYC stage merchant receives not only possibility to accept payments from credit cards, but thoroughly reviewed and well-ordered company structure. It is very important as it can really secure merchant against financial issues due to improperly built system.

Fill online pre-check form and we will reply you with details of the optimal payment solution within an hour!

Integration stage

When full approval is given merchant proceeds to the final stage. Both sides have already agreed details and are ready to close the deal. The integration stage includes financial and technical part. In the terms of financial part merchant signs an agreement with legal and financial information and payout schedules where all relevant information is stipulated. When it is done RegularPay sends merchant an API and merchant’s technical specialists do the integration. Eventually merchant receives possibility to accept credit cards through his website.

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Payment page
There are several possible ways of integration with RegularPay service. All of them have own peculiarities which allow merchants to select the most appropriate option.

The first one is called Hosted payment page. It implies that customer is redirected to RegularPay secure payment page when he presses payment button. This is the most simple option and merchant doesn’t need to do something in addition.

The second one is iFrame. Although customers are not redirected, they still type card data in a payment page “window” that is a part of RegularPay secure payment page. This option is the most popular as merchant can customize the payment page look and appearance according to own preferences.

And the last one is Own payment page. For using this option merchant needs to be PCI compliant because card data is stored at merchant’s side. Then he transmits the data to acquiring bank via RegularPay servers. The main advantage of this option is possibility to fully control payment page view and measure conversion by changing payment page elements and making tests.

Fill online pre-check form and we will reply you with details of the optimal payment solution within an hour!


When merchant is integrated and already accepts payments he can focus on business development. For this reason we created useful back-office features which become available after integration. In personal cabinet merchants can receive profound reports for certain period of time, watch real time transaction flow, compare volumes by months and so on. We also took care and adopted merchant’s back-office for mobile devices and tablets in order to ease the process of running business. We are always ready to help you to achieve this stage and to make your business profitable and stable. Join us and make sure!

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7 Main advantages of RegularPay processing

  1. PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant payment gateway with first-rate security level.
  2. Thorough list of safety options including Anti-fraud system, 3-D secure etc.
  3. Easy and prompt integration with our technical solution.
  4. Full support on every step of integration.
  5. Large network of trusted acquiring banks and partners.
  6. Wide list of processing and settlement currencies.
  7. Extremely inviting pricing for merchants and resellers.
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