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Soon after starting an e-shop, online casino or Forex company merchant faces with organization of payments processing on their web-site, as clients by just entering the web are likely to choose pushing the button to pay immediately. In these terms online transfers are becoming more popular in modern world. Thus, merchant could expand the clients portfolio by offering the possibility to pay through the Internet in the most favorable conditions. With payments through web-site, the winning is saved time and minimum efforts undertaken. Such paying mechanism on the web-site , on the other hand, suggests complicated interaction with bank and precise data verification. If all operations are proceeded successfully, a certain amount is withdrawn from client’s account, transaction is considered to be completed and bank transfers funds into merchants account. Accepting transactions online could be easy to implement with RegularPay – the European company, which has provided an opportunity to receive electronic payments for more than 8 years. By this time a huge experience was gained in different directions of e-commerce, especially it concerns Forex and Gambling. Most RegularPay clients succeed in business development, owing to prompt and inexpensive solution targeting to support transactions at an early stage. It has become real due to the options, mentioned below:

Advantages of RegularPay credit card processing

United together security, convenience and reliability are qualities that form RegularPay credit card processing making it universal for merchants from all around the world. We believe that every client is unique one, which is why our credit card processing solution is flexible enough to meet all merchants’ needs. We strictly adhere to the attitude that our merchants deserve to feel every single day that they are being processed by the best company in the sphere of credit card processing. 5 following advantages clearly show how do we achieve this goal.

Fair pricing

You will not ever find any slippery formulations or hidden fees in the terms of our payment solutions.

Easy and fast integration

Full support on every stage of integration makes the whole process quick and smooth.

Timely payouts

Be sure that you will receive your money exactly on time without any delays from our side.

PCI DSS Level 1

The highest security level excludes even a hint of unauthorized actions or other fraudulent activity. Payments are processed securely with RegularPay.

Access to advanced cabinet

Armed with multitude of useful features you will be able to put your business on previously unimaginable heights.

Our company offers a range of services, which facilitate and encourage secure funds flows. We ensure fast technical integration process with payment gateway and assist clients in preparing documents for agreement with acquiring bank. Our processing services are based on guaranteeing reliable and prompt transfers commitment through the Internet and their further precise analysis. Looking through a RegularPay web-site and applying to us aiming to start accepting transfers on your web, you should fill out a short online precheck form, which will provide with necessary basic information in order to find an optimal solution for the business. To make a client’s payment reach your account, it should be previously opened. It is called merchant account and is supported by acquiring bank. While creating a merchant account every client obtain an access to his back office, which enables to monitor business development in real time way and to use various additional analytical tools. How to create a merchant account quickly and without extra mess you can find out in an article How to open a merchant account. On beginning cooperation with RegularPay you will confirm the ease and profitability of collaboration. Stable relations with leading European acquiring banks enable RegularPay to work with business of various risk level.

Services tariffs

We follow the most comfortable for clients price policy, that permits to suggest better conditions, than other processing companies. If you have already been using the services of accepting credit cards, you can expect more beneficial tariffs, than you have now. Contact us, to discuss prices and to find the appropriate solution for your business at the lowest cost!

    • Price starts with 1,90%;

We closely monitor market prices within internet acquiring industry, so, we can say for sure, that our tariffs are the lowest among reputable processing companies.

    • No integration cost;

It is quite important item for merchants, as it allows to activate payments accepting quickly and without additional expenditures.

    • No monthly fees;

We allow our clients to run their business in the most favorable conditions, thus we don’t charge additional fee, as others do. Compare our conditions with others and you will realize, that RegularPay price policy is the most optimal.

Bank’s approval and creating an accountable

To convince bank to approve merchant candidacy and opening of the account, the verification stage should be passed. During this step company’s documents and its web are reviewed, owners identifications is conducted. RegularPay account managers assist entrepreneur to gather right documents, fill out forms. Relying on our support you can receive a banks reply just in few days. A huge experience in different industries in the Internet let us proceed a merchant’s verification quickly and with little efforts. This is a significant process on the way to start accepting online payments.

Industries for RegularPay processing



Binary options


Web-site integration and business launching

Integration stage comes after acquiring bank approval. If validation is obtained and merchant account is opened, RegularPay provide with full technical support in order that the merchant can fulfill a simple test transaction and to start accepting payments online. Client receives API with detailed installation manual. Upon integration completion the online way of credit cards accepting becomes available, resulting transfers will come on merchants account. After a client commits transaction, encrypted operation data is transmitted to banks through the payment gateway that ensures security on the highest level. By the way, while RegularPay undertakes the electronic payments process, merchant has a chance to focus on business development. With merchant account entrepreneur can analyze various reports for certain period of time, monitor statistics and transactions flows in real time manner just on the page of the back office. Moreover, for the users convenience company has followed up on the back office availability on the portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks. In their turn merchants should pay attention on the awareness of their client about suggested goods and services. It is necessary to put information about product, company, which offers its services and about refund policy on web site. Also it wouldn’t hurt to point the list of goods and services with their detailed description and price clarification.

Security issues

Despite of cheaters’ different stratagems, RegularPay guarantees a high-security compound. Company has taken care of reliable transfers flow, as it comes about the funds and data safekeeping. As a result, RegularPay has introduced a protective anti-fraud system, which precisely monitors the transactions flow aiming to prevent fraudulent attacks. Security measures have been improving permanently. Thus, incoming payments could be verified manually, if necessary. One of the main security systems is monitoring one. It works in case unusual payment is found. This measure enables to eliminate the fraudulent activity at the early stage. One more similar system can be mentioned – 3D Secure. It ensures data privacy at every payment procedure. Location Verification System and IP geolocation also promote avoidance of suspicious payment actions. Besides, Velocity monitoring system encourages determination of potential threat from cheaters. Above all, RegularPay offers an opportunity to implement a two-step authentication. It considers the availability of special code, which the merchant can confirm in order to prove its authenticity. Using the offer of collaboration with RegularPay You will provide your clients with a wide range of tools to conduct a payment on web. Apply for a merchant account and obtain an opportunity to accept payments and monitor transaction flow through the Internet.

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Additional values

  1. Possibility to make payouts on clients’ cards;
  2. Qualified customer support;
  3. Wide network of trustworthy acquirers;
  4. Reliable and safe payment gateway;
  5. Advanced fraud protection system;
  6. Big list of processing currencies;
  7. Fair rates.
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