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How it works

If you are a seller of any goods or services, you can accept payments through our reliable payment gateway.

It is available to receive payments in such ways like credit and debit cards, bank transfers, vouchers and prepaid cards. Our technology allows you to accept transactions rapidly and securely. We also provide our merchants with the lowest possible commissions. Payments may come to your account 24/7/365. Our support is always available twenty-four hours a day.

You can withdraw money from your own merchant account to another, you need just to add it to your profile. You do not need to worry about fraud, because we reliably protect your transactions.

Inside your account you receive detailed reports about all transactions, which are very important to any retailer. Using instant data concerning your payments, you have a superior chance to apply changes to your business model and therefore improve quickly.

In order to begin receiving payments, you just need to make 5 steps.

5 quick steps to start credit card acceptance

  • Register an account;
  • Contact us and receive our pre-check form in e-mail from one of our account managers.
    You can also download it here PreCheck Form , fill it in, send us and pass several steps at once.

  • Complete the merchant connection procedure;
  • As soon as your pre-check form is approved you will go forward very quickly. We ask you to provide us with a package of required documents and shortly after you will receive our specially developed for your business fees & charges document with an inviting rates.

  • Set the preferred payment methods;
  • RegularPay gives its merchants the possibility of choosing a payment method which fits the most to their needs.

  • Connect API to your website.
  • We will give you all required details and explain how to mount our API on your website. This is almost the final step.

  • Make a test transaction through connected API on your website.
  • Make sure transactions flow successfully and start to accept credit cards. Well done!

You can receive payments for the goods on your website after the completion of these simple procedures. Our priority is to find the best solution for our clients, that is why RegularPay maintains great professional relationships with a wide network of acquirers and payment providers. If you apply for our online merchant account you can be sure we will find the best option for your business.

If you want to know how to accept credit cards on website or any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@regularpay.com. Also we are glad to see you in our online chat or listen to you over a phone +(371) 678-810-36.

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