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In e-commerce successful entrepreneurs admit an issue of electronic payments conversion increase to be one of the threshold questions on the way of the online business prosperity, its development, high competitiveness and clients appreciation.

Payment conversion is defined as a number of successful electronic payments towards failed transactions.

Disrupted payments occur to be the reason of low conversion. In e-commerce sphere You can often face the tendency of customers refusal to pay. This question can’t be left without attention, as it has a great impact on effectiveness of online business development.

Such clients’ behavior can be caused by a complexity and multiplicity of actions to be done while proceeding of payment process through the Internet. Frequently users are confused in all information inquired and leave such site looking for a less complicated resource. However, You can meet your clients needs and improve your payment page facilitating the whole payment process. On feeling the pleasure of using your site visitor will stay longer on the favoured page.

More factors can be highlighted besides the clients’ refusal in payment. Some of them are the following:

– incorrect data input by the client;

– the lack of funds to pay certain product;

– payment failure in 3D-Secure;

– unsuccessful passing through anti-fraud filters;

– payment gateway technical malfunctions;

– bank’s rejection in carrying the payment;

– emitent’s refusal to fulfill the transaction.

The level of payment conversion depends significantly on the method of payment solution integration. High quality technology allows to obtain a detailed report of payment process, that simplifies the task of integration mistakes correcting.

How to raise conversion?

Electronic payment provider – one more ingredient to stimulate conversion. That’s why a choice of specialist in such sphere seems to be very responsible mission. Internet-acquiring professional must have a good reputation and be well experienced in its field. In addition such aspects as integration easiness, availability of various payment solutions, reliability of electronic payment security, data safety and uninterrupted payment proceeding. Besides, You should pay attention on the accessibility and usability of private merchant cabinet, opportunity of monitoring and analyzing all payment information. Moreover, an availability of customer support service should be emphasized. Taking into account all previous characteristics payment provider RegularPay will surely satisfy all your requirements.

Cohesiveness of merchant with its provider will undoubtedly lead to a higher conversion. Mainly it is concerned a gateway functioning installing. The company RegularPay will set up an integration individually for every kind of industry.

Fraudulent activity risk also exerts a considerable impact on conversion. As a consequence security system supplied by provider has to be of the highest level to prevent such threat.

The only thing to do is to spend some time improving your site details and to find a reliable provider. Enjoy all the benefits working with RegularPay right now, get the proper payment solution! Satisfied consumers will certainly come back to your site looking for qualified services and convenience of transaction proceeding.

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