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During the last few years credit card fraud on the Internet has reached gigantic proportions and online business owners are constantly prone to significantly high fraud risk, costly chargebacks and tremendous reputation damage.

Fortunately, RegularPay technologies for detecting it are advancing at a rapid steps too and you will be surprised by our high level of services and large range of anti-fraud solutions!

Merchants who had experienced fraud in the past learned an important lesson: fraudsters evolve quickly!

RegularPay give safe and relevant payment services by implementing a mix of standards, rules and approaches. We constantly do our best to improve our anti-fraud system.

This is achieved by the inclusion of a self-learning system of mathematical models, continuous improvement of the software and our professional analysts, availability of large and static database of successful and fraud transactions and so on.

Today RegularPay high-experienced team of professionals launches new holistic and robust approach aimed to drastically improve the overall efficiency and quality of the fraud detection processes.

Henceforth RegularPay have a possibility to expose fraudsters by spotting peculiar characteristics in their behavior by using specific templates or creating a new one based on our large experience. We quickly identify high risk transactions and defend our upright customers. These technologies assign unique indications and features to each device visiting our merchants’ online stores and recognize suspicious ones on-the-fly.

RegularPay have a unique possibility to identify and connect a series of transactions to a specific device and protect our merchants from fraudulent activities on their online stores. We work with large range of businesses and this fact gives us the possibility to enrich permanently our database of devices and their attributes.

RegularPay has been providing high quality payment services for more than 8 years. The benefits that Regularpay offers allow merchants to start receiving payments in a short time increasing the profits and fighting card fraud successfully with comprehensive and up-to-date anti-fraud systems.

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