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Have You noticed, that the majority of online-shops clients leave the site without payment even having formed the shopping basket? Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate the problem or at least to reduce the likelihood of its appearance on Your site.

The method concerns the payment page improvement. Thus the chances and quantity of successful purchases can be increased. For clients the payment page looks like another necessity to make considerable efforts towards the target. That’s why all should be done to simplify this process.

Some site details should be reviewed and improved in order to gain task completion. Reliable payment provider RegularPay will certainly help to reach Your goals proposing the most proper decision for you business.

How to gain more completed payments?

Some useful tips should be emphasized:

– payment page design;

– special additional services;

– safe assurance;

– reliable payment provider.

The first thing client pays attention is the page design and the convenience of its usage. The last thing visitors want to do purchasing online is to fill in all demanded data and to undertake numerous actions in order to make payment transaction. That’s why the best thing to do is to reduce several steps required to pay on the site, to place them in the correct order and to design the page in a way the client shouldn’t think of his following actions. Excessive doubts can be worth the lost basket!
Creation of a singular standardized payment page with minimal quantity of pad fields and their rational placement on the site will be the appropriate decision.

Advertency to patrons can be Your effective strategy. Payment provider RegularPay offers to show such attitude by proposing the recurrent payment service, on using it customers won’t have to insert data every time they want to purchase. It will be enough just to confirm the certain payment.

The true interest towards each client can be expressed by suggestion of proper addition to his buying, which can be obtained just by one button click. Thus, a customer is satisfied, while merchant gains more profit and a client’s goodwill!

A number of sellers practice to provide a service of recurring payments. It empowers You to receive funds automatically when buyer makes regular purchase of a specific product. On cooperating with RegularPay You can also find out more about this option. Such function facilitates the consumer buying task and raises merchant site popularity.

The additional stimulating aspect is users assurance in electronic payment safe. So it’s worth to think of the way to persuade a customer in his right decision to pay the chosen goods. On noticing special symbols of the up-to-day security technologies provided by VISA and MasterCard implementing on Your site the visitor will be more convinced to accomplish his intentions.

In view from the above, the payment page plays a crucial role in the commercial operation commitment online. It gives one more opportunity to assure the client in his right preference of both, online-shop and its products. Don’t shelve a motion, start a partnership with RegularPay now and improve Your payment page details. As a result, the service quality level will raise and You will be likely to attract more auditory to Your site. This way, You’ll gain sales growth and realize more profit.

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