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Despite exceptional innovations in technological world of e-commerce and payments online industry the security of payment cannot be guaranteed to the full extent. We shouldn’t forget about the risk of fraudulent attacks conducting payments online. That’s why it is important to stay tuned, understand all payments risks and realize which methods can help us to avoid such undesirable situations. One of the ways to decrease security threats is to start working with payment service provider RegularPay. Discover all benefits cooperating with professionals!

Nowadays the most prevalent type of fraud online is data theft through e-banking, e-payment systems and e-commerce.

Different programs, which allow to identify login, password and client’s data on a website and fake-websites can be a good example of fraudulent activity. In order to feel totally secure there were created special measures for users and also specific banks’ actions aimed on payments protection.

What to bear in mind?

As for users, first of all, they need to beware of unknown websites and to use only certified resources. Before deciding to buy online, it is important to explore all details of purchase and delivery of goods or services process, which have to be available on a website.

Secondly, to avoid entry on a fake website the best thing is to enter URL manually.

Password is one of the guarantees of the client’s data protection’s quality. Therefore it should be as complicated as possible, ideally different for each resource in use, and consist of various, unrelated combinations of letters and digits. A specific system “password manager” exists to help users to remember all passwords, each secret code in it is assigned to appropriate website and this way stays in mind.

Another cheater’s trick can take place by way of a free Wi-Fi. Users have to be aware of such possibility. Personal data can be trapped in a thread of being caught by fraudsters, when transaction is made through public or free Wi-Fi.

For safe data transmission the best solution is to use codified connection “https”. It can be identified by the special indicator – open lock icon in the browser address line.

In addition, anti-virus programs with secure payments function are quite useful for online buyers.

At the same time, serving their clients banks have also developed some essential protective measures against fraud.

They have proceeded in such directions as:

– SSL protocol;

– two-step authentication;

– virtual cards.

Connection with users is a crucial aspect in banks’ work, therefore they implement SSL coding. Mentioned protocol ensures the clients’ and banks’ collaboration security encrypting the connection, conducting data verification before.

Banks guarantee double safe for users by system authentication with login and password. Furthermore, they use numerous ways of data safety during the payment transaction in the form of SMS-passwords, electronic digital signature and other appliances generating one-time code word.
In addition, banks advise to obtain virtual cards for the purpose of online buying or a separate card with a limited amount, aimed only to electronic transactions.

Be careful, follow the preventing measures against fraudulent activity. Be sure in your private data safety during online payment proceedings with RegularPay!

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