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Nowadays, Internet had totally captured and influenced the mind and perception of people. Shopping has never been more convenient and everything you need can be purchased easily on the Internet.

No long lines, no bounderies, no need to search through racks of goods looking for the thing you need. These are just some of the incredible things that most people like in shopping online.

Today, with so much personal information stored online the opportunity abounds for thieves. Even with security measures in place, fraudulent activity and personal information theft pose a serious threat to customers’ finances. When shopping and banking online you have to be vigilant and attentive.

What are the signs of suspicious website?

Look closely at its address before providing any personal information or logging in. If the address looks odd or unfamiliar, don’t visit this website.

The first alarm bells should start ringing if you have never heard of the shop, there is no postal address or any contact information on the website. Pop-up ads jumping around the screen are another bad sign. Be very careful about clicking on realistic-looking ads that pop up on your screen.

If the site of online shop is full of misspellings and poor grammar, there is no description of goods and no pictures, this fact can be also an indication that you are on a phishing site.

When you visit a secure site, the address will start with https:// and you will see a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) lock icon in the address bar, indicating the site has an International secure certificate. If any of these indicators are missing, or the secure certificate is invalid or expired, do not insert any data.

How to keep your online transactions secure?

  • Ensure that you know the identity, location and contact details of the online shop. Establish a physical address and telephone contact details. In addition, you can always call or write an email and ask questions;
  • Find out more information about online shop reputation. Reputation can be checked via search of comments from others customers. You can read these reviews for yourself to decide;
  • Read carefully about billing and delivery policy of the company;
  • Always look for the additional costs and payment details before sending credit card information. Check the currency, postage and other charges-there may be extra charges you aren’t aware of;
  • Always read the site privacy policy and terms and conditions;
  • Be sure that you use reliable website if you are transferring funds via the site and your credit card details are going to be processed using a secure connection;
  • Install programs which will protect your computer and browser from fraudulent activity and hackers’ attacks. Make sure you are subscribed to an anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date;
  • Never insert your credit card information on the suspicious websites;
  • Make sure you have strong passwords on your computer and your account;
  • Check credit card and bank statements carefully after shopping to ensure that the correct amount has been debited;
  • Always print or save copies of your orders.

If you are quick and attentive you’ll catch any fraudulent activity in its first stage. Follow your common sense and use cutting edge security software and you will see how easily you can avoid shopping disappointments online.

If you have any doubts about online store, then don’t buy anything on it and find another one where your online shopping will be safer and more enjoyable.

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