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ecommerce effectiveness

When setting up a startup company it is worthy to know what needs more and less attention. Some aspects influence on sales volume and clients’ loyalty. Here you can find the main rules which are worthwhile to observe for the majority of online businesses taking into account the specification of products and other individual parameters.


The majority of new online sellers are considering the original creation of site design as their first goal and are ready to spend on it sizeable part of project budget. If your intention is to create an online store with stylish design, the best way is to use professional designer services.
In case your main goal is to receive first benefits from online sales you rather have to exclude design from you first-priority tasks and postpone this question to the moment when your sales volume allows you to allot money for design development.

Design itself can’t sell your merchandise! Start with a simple appearance which first of all has to be convenient and comprehensible to the user. Do not consider this advice as an appeal to forget about design at all. Quite the contrary, the design should be well-considered and easy, laconic and should not prevent the visitor to orient himself on the website.

Openness to the customer

Many new entrepreneurs stay away from publishing their contact information at the online store. Sometimes they do it deliberately or they just forget about it. That’s a mistake!

The visitor must be sure he can contact with the web store operator at least using e-mail. It is recommended to add other contacts such as phone numbers (including mobile phone), legal company address, Skype ID etc.

Making your contact details visible very rarely leads to a flood of visitors’ questions. But it increases clients’ trust and confidence that he is dealing with a real people who are available to contact with.

Simplicity of making a purchase

The possibility to make an order must be easy accessible! The button «Add to my shopping cart» has to be alongside every product. If the button is not visible near the product it means the one is not selling. It will lead to a lost sale.

The process of making an order should be straightforward. The client’s attention needs to be focused on purchase whereas other things like advertisement, discount offers etc. can force the customer to leave the page and forget about the goods in his shopping cart.

Quick reaction to customers actions

Just imagine a customer who had made an order in online store but didn’t receive any answer during the day concerning the status of his order. He’ll probably go and buy the wanted product in another place. Do not let such situations happen! Do all possible for contacting the customer about his order as soon as you can. As example, you may provide your clients with SMS-notification and receive promptly an information about them.

The quickness of reaction to orders is the most actual for sellers using services of different portals. This web store must respond to customers’ orders almost immediately! If the client doesn’t receive within a few minutes any feedback from your side, he will make an order in another web store (of course if your merchandise is not unique and is not available elsewhere excepting your web store). In this case you lose the order and vainly pay the portal for the user’s transition.


Low price is not a critical factor which impels the visitor to make a purchase. The crucial factor is cutomer’s confidence that he will receive in time exactly those goods which are described on website and the delivery will be safe and prompt.

Always try to look at your online store from customer’s position. Answer yourself honestly — would you order something in this online store or not? If your answer is «yes», your startup company is on the right way to success.

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