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National Payment System of China Union Pay was established in March 2002. It has been initiated by the State Council and the People’s Bank of China. Union Pay card was introduced in August 2003. It conforms to safety standards and is valid throughout the world. The number of transactions carried out by Union Pay cards grew rapidly, promoted by the expansion of financial and political influence of China and improve the service by accepting payment cards. In 2010, the number of transactions in the Chinese interbank market was 11.2 trillion yuan, an increase for the year was 46%. The percent of transaction by Union Pay cards has grown from 2.7% to 35% in total retail trade turnover.
Today, Union Pay is the world leader in the number of issued bank cards. You have the opportunities to make payments and withdraw cash from CUP cards system in 141 countries of the world. 65 banks in 17 countries have the right to issue Union Pay card (issue of 10 million shares).


CUP card payment system prevalent in the domestic market and abroad. Payments on the Internet Union Pay – it is a safe, fast, reliable way to make transactions around the world. Online payments can already be carried out in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, South-West Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Union Pay International provides its customers with the service “shopping abroad”, which allows Union Pay cardholder order shopping adviser, translator, discounts, as well as the delivery of goods. Merchants should be aware of limits on the CUP card issued by a bank, which may differ from the limits that were set by the client for transactions on the Internet. For clarification, their need to contact the bank that issued the card.

Types of Cards

Union Pay supports debit cards as well as credit cards. Both types of cards can be used to pay online using the payment gateway RegularPay. Cards can be single currency or multicurrency.
Cards of China Union Pay payment system are cards, the number of which starts with 62, it also has a logo in the lower right corner. The currency of such cards is Сhinese yuan. Cards, which has a logo China Union Pay and Visa/MasterCard/American Express supports the Chinese yuan and foreign currency. But they are co-branded types of  Visa/MasterCard/American Express. RegularPay company accept China Union Pay cards as well as co-branded cards Visa/MasterCard/American Express.

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