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Digital wallets: easy and quick way to purchase goods and services online

Digital wallets are expected to become a major player in the online payment industry, as consumers constantly continue to look for additional easier and quicker ways to purchase goods and services online. So, let’s find out what exactly this term mean. A digital or electronic wallet is a payment method that is used via any device, which is connected to…read more

Advantages and disadvantages of prepaid cards

Last couple of years we have seen a real revolution in the way people choose to pay for things and services as more and more transactions are made by card instead of cash. In the following article we will show you the pros and cons of prepaid cards and then give some advice how to choose the best prepaid card for…read more

Secure smart chip technology: the future of credit cards

Smart cards, first appeared in the mid-1980s in Europe, store data directly on the card via a microchip. It is an innovative application, which is difficult to falsify because the data are encrypted and stored in a microchip. The information is transacted through a reader which is part of a computing system. Nowadays, systems that are enhanced with…read more

What to do if your credit card data have been stolen?

Basic precautions are no longer enough for those who try to keep their credit card information safe. Hacking software is getting more and more sophisticated and easier to achieve, making a credit card breach just a matter of time. But with vigilance, the damage from a breach can be decreased. If you suddenly suspect that your credit card number has been compromised…read more

How to avoid being a fraudulent activity victim and buy online safely

The Internet has totally captured and influenced the mind and perception of people. Shopping has never been more convenient and everything you need can be purchased easily on the Internet. No long lines, no boundaries, no need to search through racks of goods looking for the thing you need. These are just some of the incredible things that most people…read more

Credit card processing and fraud

Are credit card details stored safe and secured thus much that it is completely impossible for hackers to intercept or steal them? Today, we will talk about the main types of credit card fraud and the reasons why RegularPay is safe and reliable payment service provider that can reduce the risk of fraudulent activities to a minimum…read more

What is a chargeback and how to avoid it?

Chargeback is the reversal of funds to a customer forcibly initiated by the issuing bank which can be very costly. A credit card chargeback occurs when a consumer is unable to resolve a negative transaction with a particular merchant and seek a refund from his bank or credit card company. Apart from the additional charges assessed by the credit card provider…read more

Offshore Company benefits

The most of business people has heard about offshore companies. However, very few of them are aware of their benefits and their difference from other more common onshore entities. An offshore company is a legal entity established in a tax haven or offshore financial center, being protected by specific legislation which guarantees a status of…read more

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