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Debit cards: important basics to know

Nowadays, consumers all over the world are increasingly using their debit cards for paying day-by-day purchases instead of cash, because such cards are easy to use, can be an effective budgeting tools and provide numerous benefits. Along with the possibility to access your account funds at anytime it also…read more

Credit card traps to avoid

Everybody knows that if credit card is used wisely, it can give many advantages, be convenient help to build good credit history and prove itself useful in emergencies. Nowadays almost everyone in the industry wants to sell you a credit card. Many credit card issuers send offers by email that advertise in large print favorable credit conditions and low interest rates. Be careful and…read more

Key factors while choosing a payment gateway for business

One of the most frequently questions asked by merchants is how to choose a payment gateway. In electronic commerce, a payment gateway is the term used to describe an application service provider that authorizes and processes electronic payments between merchant, his customer, the issuing bank and merchant’s own bank. Choosing the right payment gateway is very important for…read more

Your credit card: some things you should know

At present credit cards are of various types with different fees, interest rates and rewarding programs. When applying for a credit card, it is important to learn about their different types to find the one that will suit best to your lifestyle or financial status. In the following article we’ll look at the credit cards, their different types, fees, advantages and…read more

Tips to protect your credit card from fraudulent activity

Nowadays, using bank cards has become a way of life for many people all over the world. Becoming a victim of credit card fraud is an experience that no customer wants to go through, but sometimes it happens. Fortunately, the law limits customer’s financial liability in cases when credit card has been stolen. Even so, if you’re a victim of credit card fraud…read more

Direct merchant account and its benefits for your business

Acceptance of credit cards is a must for any business and there is a wide variety of payment solutions available to merchants. It is easier than ever and can bring a lot of benefits to your business line and dramatically increase your sales. In this article we will talk about direct merchant account and will present its cons for…read more

Acquiring banks and their role in payment process

More and more goods and services are being bought online with credit cards. The payment system is very complex and sometimes can be very confusing for merchants, so today in this article we will talk about acquiring banks and their role in the payment industry as they perform numerous functions in the world of…read more

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