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PCI DSS certification

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of policies and procedures to optimize the security of credit, debit and cash card transactions and protect cardholders against theft of their personal information. Said another way, if any customer ever pays the merchant directly using…read more

Third party merchant account

Not all online business owners who wish to start accepting payment through their website are able to apply for a dedicated merchant account. This type of account has a number of requirements and criteria that not all merchants can fulfil. In the following article we will talk about a third party merchant account as…read more

Virtual terminal and its benefits for business

Virtual terminal or MOTO (Mail order/telephone order) is an online card payment authorization which allows the merchant to accept payments through mail and telephone orders. The customers contact the merchant through mail or phone and tell their credit card data. The merchant enters these details on a special secure payment page and…read more

Visa and MasterCard chargeback policies

According to Visa and MasterCard policies any processed transaction can be disputed by a cardholder. These disputes are called chargebacks and are regulated by a series of rules set by these payment systems. So, in the following article we will talk about chargeback process and Visa and MasterCard policies…read more

How to structure best your startup company: LLC or LP

LLC is a relatively new form of business entity. It is growing swiftly in popularity among small business owners as this structure is not only beneficial from both tax and asset protection but also easy in set up and operation. LLC differs from the sole proprietorship due to the fact that…read more

3D secure technology: safe way to buy online

3D secure is a protocol designed by Visa and licensed by MasterCard to be an additional protection against unauthorized use of credit cards when shopping online. This service is offered to to customers under the name…read more

Brief guidance on getting a Merchant account

To start accepting payments on your webstore the underwriting process is necessary, but if you have some guidance, it will be much easier…read more

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