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PCI DSS certification

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of policies and procedures to optimize the security of credit, debit and cash card transactions and protect cardholders against theft of their personal information. Said another way, if any customer ever pays the merchant directly using…read more

Third party merchant account

Not all online business owners who wish to start accepting payment through their website are able to apply for a dedicated merchant account. This type of account has a number of requirements and criteria that not all merchants can fulfil. In the following article we will talk about a third party merchant account as…read more

Virtual terminal and its benefits for business

Virtual terminal or MOTO (Mail order/telephone order) is an online card payment authorization which allows the merchant to accept payments through mail and telephone orders. The customers contact the merchant through mail or phone and tell their credit card data. The merchant enters these details on a special secure payment page and…read more

Visa and MasterCard chargeback policies

According to Visa and MasterCard policies any processed transaction can be disputed by a cardholder. These disputes are called chargebacks and are regulated by a series of rules set by these payment systems. So, in the following article we will talk about chargeback process and Visa and MasterCard policies…read more

How to structure best your startup company: LLC or LP

LLC is a relatively new form of business entity. It is growing swiftly in popularity among small business owners as this structure is not only beneficial from both tax and asset protection but also easy in set up and operation. LLC differs from the sole proprietorship due to the fact that…read more

3D secure technology: safe way to buy online

3D secure is a protocol designed by Visa and licensed by MasterCard to be an additional protection against unauthorized use of credit cards when shopping online. This service is offered to to customers under the name…read more

Brief guidance on getting a Merchant account

To start accepting payments on your webstore the underwriting process is necessary, but if you have some guidance, it will be much easier…read more

Steps to apply for a merchant account

Here at RegularPay we often meet merchants who are not well-informed about how is the process of applying for a merchant account going on. Nowadays there is quite a lot of payment service providers and almost everyone has specific pre-check forms, application forms, documentation packages and…read more

Some tips to fight friendly fraud

Friendly fraud, or so called chargeback fraud, occurs when a customer makes an online purchase with his own credit card, but later claims the transaction was not authorized and requests chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the purchased goods or services. In case merchant is not able to…read more

Payment processing center

Processing Center is a technological platform that assists in processing of online payments, made by card. The center’s main purpose consists of providing the opportunity of accepting online transactions. In addition, it acts as a link between e-shop and acquiring bank, on the account of which the funds are transferred…read more

How to accept payments on website

Soon after starting an e-shop, online casino or Forex company merchant faces with organization of payments processing on their web-site, as clients by just entering the web are likely to choose pushing the button to pay immediately…read more

Main requirements of applying for a merchant account

Obtaining a merchant account is an important step in taking your business to the next level and maintain a competitive edge in today’s market. Before you get started, it would be great to know what to expect while applying for a merchant account. What is the underwriting process? What type of papers are…read more

Online payments receiving

How to start accepting payments through the Internet is one of the most frequent questions of online businessmen, whether it is an e-shop or a Forex industry. By now most customers have credit cards, sometimes not only one, Visa or MasterCard, with help of which any goods and services can be paid….read more

Benefits of card acceptance on your online store

Nowadays, more and more businesses accept payments by card for selling goods and services, which undoubtedly offer numerous distinct advantages and produce positive results. Online shoppers want to pay for their purchases immediately and receive shipments quickly. Though the possibility to accept credit cards can be costly…read more

Debit cards: important basics to know

Nowadays, consumers all over the world are increasingly using their debit cards for paying day-by-day purchases instead of cash, because such cards are easy to use, can be an effective budgeting tools and provide numerous benefits. Along with the possibility to access your account funds at anytime it also…read more

Credit card traps to avoid

Everybody knows that if credit card is used wisely, it can give many advantages, be convenient help to build good credit history and prove itself useful in emergencies. Nowadays almost everyone in the industry wants to sell you a credit card. Many credit card issuers send offers by email that advertise in large print favorable credit conditions and low interest rates. Be careful and…read more

Key factors while choosing a payment gateway for business

One of the most frequently questions asked by merchants is how to choose a payment gateway. In electronic commerce, a payment gateway is the term used to describe an application service provider that authorizes and processes electronic payments between merchant, his customer, the issuing bank and merchant’s own bank. Choosing the right payment gateway is very important for…read more

Your credit card: some things you should know

At present credit cards are of various types with different fees, interest rates and rewarding programs. When applying for a credit card, it is important to learn about their different types to find the one that will suit best to your lifestyle or financial status. In the following article we’ll look at the credit cards, their different types, fees, advantages and…read more

Tips to protect your credit card from fraudulent activity

Nowadays, using bank cards has become a way of life for many people all over the world. Becoming a victim of credit card fraud is an experience that no customer wants to go through, but sometimes it happens. Fortunately, the law limits customer’s financial liability in cases when credit card has been stolen. Even so, if you’re a victim of credit card fraud…read more

Direct merchant account and its benefits for your business

Acceptance of credit cards is a must for any business and there is a wide variety of payment solutions available to merchants. It is easier than ever and can bring a lot of benefits to your business line and dramatically increase your sales. In this article we will talk about direct merchant account and will present its cons for…read more

Acquiring banks and their role in payment process

More and more goods and services are being bought online with credit cards. The payment system is very complex and sometimes can be very confusing for merchants, so today in this article we will talk about acquiring banks and their role in the payment industry as they perform numerous functions in the world of…read more

Digital wallets: easy and quick way to purchase goods and services online

Digital wallets are expected to become a major player in the online payment industry, as consumers constantly continue to look for additional easier and quicker ways to purchase goods and services online. So, let’s find out what exactly this term mean. A digital or electronic wallet is a payment method that is used via any device, which is connected to…read more

Advantages and disadvantages of prepaid cards

Last couple of years we have seen a real revolution in the way people choose to pay for things and services as more and more transactions are made by card instead of cash. In the following article we will show you the pros and cons of prepaid cards and then give some advice how to choose the best prepaid card for…read more

Secure smart chip technology: the future of credit cards

Smart cards, first appeared in the mid-1980s in Europe, store data directly on the card via a microchip. It is an innovative application, which is difficult to falsify because the data are encrypted and stored in a microchip. The information is transacted through a reader which is part of a computing system. Nowadays, systems that are enhanced with…read more

What to do if your credit card data have been stolen?

Basic precautions are no longer enough for those who try to keep their credit card information safe. Hacking software is getting more and more sophisticated and easier to achieve, making a credit card breach just a matter of time. But with vigilance, the damage from a breach can be decreased. If you suddenly suspect that your credit card number has been compromised…read more

How to avoid being a fraudulent activity victim and buy online safely

The Internet has totally captured and influenced the mind and perception of people. Shopping has never been more convenient and everything you need can be purchased easily on the Internet. No long lines, no boundaries, no need to search through racks of goods looking for the thing you need. These are just some of the incredible things that most people…read more

Credit card processing and fraud

Are credit card details stored safe and secured thus much that it is completely impossible for hackers to intercept or steal them? Today, we will talk about the main types of credit card fraud and the reasons why RegularPay is safe and reliable payment service provider that can reduce the risk of fraudulent activities to a minimum…read more

What is a chargeback and how to avoid it?

Chargeback is the reversal of funds to a customer forcibly initiated by the issuing bank which can be very costly. A credit card chargeback occurs when a consumer is unable to resolve a negative transaction with a particular merchant and seek a refund from his bank or credit card company. Apart from the additional charges assessed by the credit card provider…read more

Offshore Company benefits

The most of business people has heard about offshore companies. However, very few of them are aware of their benefits and their difference from other more common onshore entities. An offshore company is a legal entity established in a tax haven or offshore financial center, being protected by specific legislation which guarantees a status of…read more

How to successfully fight fraud

During the last few years credit card fraud on the Internet has reached gigantic proportions and online business owners are constantly prone to significantly high fraud risk, costly chargebacks and tremendous reputation damage. Fortunately, RegularPay technologies for detecting it are advancing at a rapid steps too and you will be surprised by our…read more

Several ways to steal credit card information

Nowadays online business becomes the principal target for scammers hunting credit card information.The times of good old-fashioned purse pilferers are gone as modern technologies have significantly changed things. We are sure that knowing how fraudulent activities most often happen can help customers to protect themselves or, if they are fraud victims…read more

Credit Card Payment Processing, the basis of work

The following article will give you the overview of how payment gateway works. Payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that automates the payment transaction between the customer and merchant. It is usually a third-party service that is actually a system of computer processes that process, verify, and accept or decline…read more

What platform for webstore is the best?

Like in motor-car construction, «the engine» is also a vital point in website creation. Page download speed, website productivity and its functionality all together depend on «engine». Apparently, the cost of website development also follows from this issue. For clarifying the situation we want to notice that…read more

Refundable rolling reserve and its influence on your business

Rolling reserve is very common in the payment industry, so some of you may have already experienced them with your merchant acсount. For those who just stated the business and are unfamiliar with a rolling reserve here are the following article. It’s very rare, but occasionally reserves are held for some merchants with a higher…read more

How to launch a webstore?

Step by step description of actions required for webstore opening. It is quite easy to open a webstore. Depending on production volume and your wishes, it needs up to 2-3 days to create a webstore what means to become acquainted with software and to prepare for the opening. So what you have to do to open a webstore? read more

Advice for online store start-ups companies

When starting the new online business it is worthy to know what needs more or less attention. Some aspects influence on sales volume and clients’ loyalty. Here you can find the main rules which are worthwhile to observe for the majority of online businesses taking into account the specification of products and other…read more

E-commerce merchant account

E-commerce market is one of the most rapidly growing industries today. RegularPay offers a payment solution that will satisfy even the most demanding e-commerce market participants. Attractive financial conditions, high throughput as well as reliable anti-fraud and 3D secure systems allow our merchants to accept payments form any credit card and from all parts of the world…read more

Accepting China Union Pay cards

National Payment System of China Union Pay was established in March 2002. It has been initiated by the State Council and the People’s Bank of China. Union Pay card was introduced in August 2003. It conforms to safety standards and is valid throughout the world…read more

Global distribution systems (GDS)

It is impossible to imagine a successful air tickets booking website without reliable payment methods available on it. And there is substantiation why the amount of people who use these airbooking services grows everyday. There is no necessity for a client to analyze offers from all airlines on the market. The only thing a client needs to do, is to open air tickets booking website, enter required information – and in a few minutes he will be able to choose the most…read more

Mobile payments – the reality of modern world

In e-commerce successful entrepreneurs admit an issue of electronic payments conversion increase to be one of the threshold questions on the way of the online business prosperity, its development..read more

Be careful on making payments online!

Despite exceptional innovations in technological world of e-commerce and payments online industry the security of payment cannot be guaranteed to the full extent. We shouldn’t forget about the risk of fraudulent attacks conducting payments online…read more

Convenient payment page – more successful payments!

Have You noticed, that the majority of online-shops clients leave the site without payment even having formed the shopping basket? Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate the problem or at least to reduce the likelihood of its appearance on Your site…read more

Do You have a high payment conversion index?

In e-commerce successful entrepreneurs admit an issue of electronic payments conversion increase to be one of the threshold questions on the way of the online business prosperity, its development, high competitiveness and clients appreciation…read more

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